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Whether you’re looking for heat pumps for a commercial setting or a domestic one, we can help you here at HPE services LTD. No matter what your specifications and requirements, if a heat pump is the best option for you, we’ll install to the very highest of standards.

Outside air, even on cold days, contains latent heat which can be converted to provide environmentally friendly, low cost heating for both domestic and commercial properties. Air to air heat pumps operate on a similar principle to an ordinary refrigerator. The air to air heat pump’s outdoor unit draws in and warms the outside air by an indoor fan unit and distributes the warm air throughout the property. It is an extremely efficient process which can produce up to 5 times more heat than the electrical energy it uses.

In addition, air to air heat pumps can also operate as an air cooler during warmer months and advanced air purification technology is particularly beneficial to allergy sufferers. Air to air heat pumps are an attractive alternative where external space is limited as they require nothing more than a suitable outside wall, making them ideal for a wide range of property types, including apartments and smaller homes.

Similarly, heat pumps can be a great solution to many domestic requirements, and we can assist you every step of the way with our expert guidance

Heat Pump Benefits

The popularity of Heat Pumps has risen dramatically over recent years. This has not been purely for their high energy efficiency ratings, but is also due to the numerous practical, convenient, and environmentally friendly benefits that ownership and installation can bring.

Heat Pumps can be used for Heating

The most obvious benefit of a heat pump system is its ability to provide warmth. This can be achieved with the simple touch of a button: at the wall; or on the remote; and even from the comfort of your chair. Heat pumps can very quickly increase the temperature of a room.

Heat Pumps can be used for Cooling i.e. Air Conditioning

The “reverse cycle” in the full name of a heat pump refers to its ability to work backwards. In addition to extracting heat energy from outside and bringing this in to your home, your heat pump also has the ability to extract heat from inside your home and transfer this outside (in exactly the same way as a fridge works). The term “Air Conditioning” is more commonly used for the cooling cycle or function of your heat pump.


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